Stretch The Collapsible Drinks Bottle

The last drinks bottle you will need to buy!

  • £13.99

The last water bottle you will need to buy.

This compact, air tight, silicone water bottle is a perfect accessory for active people.  It is unbreakable and ultra portable.  When extended from its tiny 115mm form, it can holding a whopping  540ml. 

Stretch has a unique fold mechanism allowing a marked difference between its smallest and largest form, made of the highest quality eco-friendly materials

Includes a handy carabineer clip and silicon strap for attaching to things like backpacks, belt clips and more

Once used the compact form is small enough for most bags. 


  • Expands from 115 to 260mm
  • Compact or expanded drinks bottle
  • Ultra Durable - non break
  • Leak proof
  • Silicon strap
  • Includes clip attachment
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity - 540ml
  • BPA Free

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