Rocket Lamp 2 in 1

Burning bright

  • £14.99


-3-2-1 Charge up and blast off

-Switch on and the plume fills with light, a true portable night for any child's room or home office

-Super Stable 360 degree illumination, with adjustable brightness

-Jettison the rocket ship with a simple screw motion to release the torch

-3 LED'S replicating engines create a lifelike rocket ship torch, perfect for playing in the dark, in or outside, or to illuminate the way from your room in the night.

Power on/off button- Gently press the power button to turn on or off and hold to adjust the intensity of brightness.

Charging Port- Connect to a computer or any USB power supply to charge.

Torch Function- Twist and Turn to release the torch from the stand, lasts up to 6 hours from a single charge.

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